Tide Graph - Height and Current Site Selection

Select a region here, then from that page, select a site for which to generate predictions. Predictions take a few moments to calculate, please be patient. Please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) if you cannot find the site you want.

NOTE: Any site name ending in "Current" will generate predictions of current speeds; all other sites generate tidal height predictions. There are many more locations for tidal height predictions than for current speed predictions.


U.S. Upper East Coast (Maine through Virginia)
U.S. Lower East Coast (North Carolina through Florida Keys)
U.S. Gulf Coast sites (East to West)
U.S. West Coast sites (North to South)
Northern sites (except Japan) outside contiguous U.S. (East to West)
Southern sites outside contiguous U.S. (East to West)
Japan and nearby sites (North to South)

Alphabetic list of all tidal height sites (large 1.5 MB page)
Alphabetic list of all current speed sites

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Example: current graph, ½ size
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