World Tidal Site Selection

Site Selection: Southern sites outside contiguous U.S. (East to West)

Please Note:
All sites ending in "Current" are current speed predictions.
All other sites are tidal height predictions.
See the FAQ List if you can't find your site.

East Cape, New Zealand [map]
Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands (2) [map]
Suva, Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands [map]
Suva Harbor, Viti Levu Island [map]
Tolaga Bay (Cooks Cove), New Zealand [map]
Waipiro Bay, New Zealand [map]
Hicks Bay, New Zealand [map]
Gisborne, New Zealand [map]
Waikokopu, New Zealand [map]
Omaio Bay (Motunui Island), New Zealand [map]
Wairoa River, New Zealand [map]
Ohiwa, New Zealand [map]
Ohope Wharf, New Zealand [map]
Whakatane, New Zealand [map]
Moutohora (Whale) Island, New Zealand [map]
Napier, New Zealand [map]
Napier, New Zealand (PCT) [map]
Castlepoint, New Zealand [map]
Tauranga, New Zealand [map]
Slipper Island, New Zealand [map]
Tairua, New Zealand [map]
Whitianga, New Zealand [map]
Rocky Point (Thames), New Zealand [map]
Tryphena, New Zealand [map]
Coromandel Harbour, New Zealand [map]
Port Jackson, New Zealand [map]
Nagle Cove, New Zealand [map]
Cape Palliser, New Zealand [map]
Manawatu River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Man O' War Bay, New Zealand [map]
Mokohinau Island, New Zealand [map]
Matiatia Bay, New Zealand [map]
Whanganui River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Tiritiri Matangi Island, New Zealand [map]
Raglan, New Zealand [map]
Porirua Harbour (Plimmerton), New Zealand [map]
Aotea Harbour, New Zealand [map]
LPG Terminal, New Zealand [map]
Kawhia, New Zealand [map]
Mansion House Bay, New Zealand [map]
Wellington, New Zealand (PCT) [map]
Wellington, New Zealand [map]
Onehunga, New Zealand [map]
Auckland, New Zealand [map]
Waikato River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Murrays Bay, New Zealand [map]
Weiti River, New Zealand [map]
Matakana River, New Zealand [map]
Onetaunga Bay, New Zealand [map]
Makara Bay, New Zealand [map]
Oteranga Bay, New Zealand [map]
Fishermans Rock, New Zealand [map]
Cornwallis, New Zealand [map]
Tutukaka Harbour, New Zealand [map]
Paratutae Island, New Zealand [map]
Marsden Point, New Zealand [map]
Patea, New Zealand [map]
Shelly Beach, New Zealand [map]
Whangaruru Harbour, New Zealand [map]
Whangarei, New Zealand [map]
Whangarei, New Zealand (PCT) [map]
Okukari Bay, South Island, New Zealand [map]
Okukari Bay, South Island, New Zealand (2) [map]
Whangamumu Harbour, New Zealand [map]
Long Island, New Zealand [map]
Lucky Bay, New Zealand [map]
Tinopai, New Zealand [map]
Whakapirau, New Zealand [map]
Cape Campbell, New Zealand [map]
Waitara River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Pouto Point, New Zealand [map]
Te Iro Bay, South Island, New Zealand (2) [map]
Te Iro Bay, South Island, New Zealand [map]
Kahikatea (East Bay), New Zealand [map]
Opua, New Zealand [map]
Russell, New Zealand [map]
Island Point, New Zealand [map]
Port Underwood, New Zealand [map]
Waitangi, New Zealand [map]
Wakatahuri, New Zealand [map]
Doves Bay, New Zealand [map]
Portage, New Zealand [map]
Port Taranaki, New Zealand [map]
Stephens Island, New Zealand [map]
Picton, New Zealand [map]
Pelorus Sound Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Tikinui, New Zealand [map]
Waiiti Bay, New Zealand [map]
Okiwa Bay, New Zealand [map]
Catherine Cove, New Zealand [map]
Elmslie Bay, New Zealand [map]
Opunake Bay, New Zealand [map]
Greville, South Island, New Zealand [map]
Havelock, New Zealand [map]
Elaine Bay, New Zealand [map]
Whangaroa, New Zealand [map]
Kaikoura, New Zealand [map]
Croiselles, South Island, New Zealand [map]
Kohukohu, New Zealand [map]
Mangonui, New Zealand [map]
Opononi, New Zealand [map]
Sheigis Beacon, New Zealand [map]
Nelson, New Zealand [map]
Nelson, New Zealand (PCT) [map]
Omaia Island, New Zealand [map]
Dairy Factory Wharf, New Zealand [map]
Houhora River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Houhora Harbour (Pukenui Wharf), New Zealand [map]
Ahipara Bay, New Zealand [map]
Mapua, New Zealand [map]
Astrolabe Road, New Zealand [map]
Motueka, New Zealand [map]
Te Hapua, New Zealand [map]
Akaroa, New Zealand [map]
Tarakohe, New Zealand [map]
Motupipi Inlet, New Zealand [map]
Lyttelton, New Zealand (PCT) [map]
Lyttelton, New Zealand [map]
Collingwood, New Zealand [map]
Cape Maria van Diemen, New Zealand [map]
Whanganui Inlet, New Zealand [map]
Three Kings Islands (North West Bay), New Zealand [map]
Westport, New Zealand [map]
Timaru Harbour, New Zealand [map]
Greymouth, New Zealand [map]
Oamaru, New Zealand [map]
Hokitika River Bar, New Zealand [map]
Otago Harbour Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Dunedin, New Zealand [map]
Okarito, New Zealand [map]
Nugget Point, New Zealand [map]
Bruce Bay, New Zealand [map]
Campbell Island (Perseverance Harbour), New Zealand [map]
Haast River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Waipapa Point, New Zealand [map]
Jackson Bay, New Zealand [map]
Bluff, New Zealand [map]
Bluff, New Zealand (PCT) [map]
New River Entrance, New Zealand [map]
Oban, New Zealand [map]
Paterson Inlet, New Zealand [map]
Norfolk Island, Tasman Sea [map]
Colac Bay, New Zealand [map]
Anita Bay, New Zealand [map]
Bligh Sound, New Zealand [map]
George Sound, New Zealand [map]
Deep Cove, New Zealand [map]
Charles Sound, New Zealand [map]
Blanket Bay, New Zealand [map]
Ross Island, Antarctica [map]
Front Island, New Zealand [map]
Preservation Inlet, New Zealand [map]
Gilbert Islands, New Zealand [map]
Small Craft Harbour, New Zealand [map]
Fishing Bay, New Zealand [map]
Sealers Bay, New Zealand [map]
Many Islands, New Zealand [map]
Auckland Island (Carnley Harbour), New Zealand [map]
Nugu Island, Solomon Islands [map]
Bungana Island, Solomon Islands [map]
Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islands [map]
Honiara, Solomon Islands [map]
Thousand Ships Bay, Solomon Islands [map]
Lord Howe Island, Tasman Sea [map]
Macquarie Island [map]
Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands [map]
Mongo Passage, Solomon Islands [map]
Viru, Solomon Islands [map]
Wagina Island, Solomon Islands [map]
Lolomo Passage, Solomon Islands [map]
Nususonga, Solomon Islands [map]
Blackett Strait, Solomon Islands [map]
Katurasele, Solomon Islands [map]
Gizo Anchorage, Solomon Islands [map]
Mellish Reef, Coral Sea [map]
Kieta Harbour, Solomon Islands [map]
Anewa Bay, Solomon Islands [map]
Cato Island, Coral Sea [map]
Soroken, Solomon Islands [map]
Cape Deliverance, Papua New Guinea [map]
Brunswick Heads, Australia [map]
Ballina, Australia [map]
Kingscliff, Australia [map]
Point Danger, Australia [map]
Tweed River, Australia [map]
Gold Coast Seaway, Australia [map]
Nerang River (Bundall), Australia [map]
Runaway Bay, Australia [map]
Tangalooma Point, Australia [map]
Waddy Point, Australia [map]
Yamba, Australia [map]
Northwest Solitary Island, Australia [map]
Hati Lawi Harbour, Papua New Guinea [map]
Brisbane Bar, Australia (2) [map]
Brisbane Bar, Australia [map]
Caloundra Head, Australia [map]
Bribie Island, Bongaree, Australia [map]
Coffs Harbour, Australia [map]
Mooloolaba, Australia [map]
Noosa Head, Australia [map]
Elbow Point, Australia [map]
Brisbane Port Off., Australia [map]
South West Rocks, Australia [map]
Ungowa, Australia [map]
Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Boonlye Point, Australia [map]
Port Macquarie, Australia [map]
Urangan, Australia [map]
Camden Haven, Australia [map]
Misima, Papua New Guinea [map]
Crowdy Head, Australia [map]
Lady Elliot Island, Australia [map]
Harrington Inlet, Australia [map]
Sharp Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Forster, Australia [map]
Elliot Heads, Australia [map]
Gannet Cay, Australia [map]
Marion Reef, Coral Sea [map]
Lady Musgrave Island, Australia [map]
Bundaberg, Australia [map]
Duchateau Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Broughton Island, Australia [map]
Kokopo, Papua New Guinea [map]
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea [map]
Port Stephens, Australia [map]
Heron Island, Australia [map]
Tryon Islet, Australia [map]
Newcastle, Australia [map]
Clews Point, Australia [map]
Swansea, Australia [map]
Gatcombe Head, Australia [map]
Gosford, Australia [map]
Ettalong, Australia [map]
Pittwater, Australia [map]
Camp Cove, Australia [map]
Little Patonga, Australia [map]
Gladstone, Australia [map]
Bell Cay, Australia [map]
Sydney, Australia [map]
Sydney, Australia (2) [map]
Botany Bay, Australia [map]
Port Hacking, Australia [map]
Shortland Island, Solomon Islands [map]
East Diamond It., Coral Sea [map]
Basilaki, Pitt Bay, Papua New Guinea [map]
Port Kembla, Australia [map]
East Cape, Papua New Guinea [map]
Port Alma, Australia [map]
Kavieng, Papua New Guinea [map]
Rosslyn Bay, Australia [map]
Port Clinton, Australia [map]
Jervis Bay, Australia [map]
High Peak Island, Australia [map]
Samarai Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Ulladulla Harbour, Australia [map]
Marquis Island, Australia [map]
Alotau, Papua New Guinea [map]
Creal Reef, Australia [map]
Bugatti Reef, Australia [map]
Middle Island Anchorage, Australia [map]
Aigura Point, Papua New Guinea [map]
Batemans Bay, Australia [map]
Moruya, Australia [map]
Kimbe, Papua New Guinea [map]
Bermagui, Australia [map]
Willis Island, Coral Sea [map]
Gabo Island, Australia [map]
Penrith Island, Australia [map]
Eden, Australia [map]
Unnamed Reef No. 2, Australia [map]
Scawfell Island, Australia [map]
Mcewin Islet, Australia [map]
Flock Pigeon Island, Australia [map]
St. Bees Island, Australia [map]
Sarina Inlet, Australia [map]
Tufi Harbour, Papua New Guinea [map]
Hay Point, Australia [map]
Carlisle Island, Australia [map]
Mackay Outer Harbour, Australia [map]
Shaw Island, Australia [map]
Hook Island, Australia [map]
Hayman Island, Australia [map]
East Repulse Island, Australia [map]
Molle Island, Australia [map]
Shute Harbour, Australia [map]
Dedele Point, Papua New Guinea [map]
Double Bay, Australia [map]
Flinders Reef, Coral Sea [map]
Oro Bay, Papua New Guinea [map]
Eddystone Point, Tasmania [map]
Kaligola Point, Papua New Guinea [map]
Lady Barron Harbour, Tasmania [map]
Bowen, Australia [map]
Swan Island, Tasmania [map]
Big River Cove, Tasmania [map]
Abbot Point, Australia [map]
Pirates Bay, Tasmania [map]
Lakes Entrance, Australia [map]
Spring Bay, Tasmania [map]
Dreger Harbour, Papua New Guinea [map]
Finsch Harbour, Papua New Guinea [map]
Impression Bay, Tasmania [map]
Parsons Bay, Tasmania [map]
Cape Upstart, Australia [map]
Cape Bowling Green, Australia [map]
Hobart, Tasmania [map]
Seeadler Harbour, Papua New Guinea [map]
Bootless Inlet, Papua New Guinea [map]
Launceston, Tasmania [map]
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea [map]
Pith Reef, Australia [map]
Lae, Papua New Guinea [map]
Rib Reef, Australia [map]
Townsville, Australia [map]
Georgetown, Tasmania [map]
Unnamed Reef No. 1, Australia [map]
Rattlesnake Island, Australia [map]
Rabbit Island, Australia [map]
Port Welshpool, Australia [map]
Devonport, Tasmania [map]
Lucinda, Australia [map]
Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania [map]
Great Glennie Island, Australia [map]
Goold Island, Australia [map]
North Barnard Island, Australia [map]
Dunk Island, Australia [map]
Mourilyan Harbour, Australia [map]
Russell Island, Australia [map]
High Island, Australia [map]
Cardwell, Australia [map]
Bramble Cove, Tasmania [map]
Waratah Bay, Australia [map]
Fitzroy Island, Australia [map]
Green Island, Australia [map]
Burnie, Tasmania [map]
Madang Harbour, Papua New Guinea [map]
Cairns, Australia [map]
Kerema, Papua New Guinea [map]
Low Islets, Australia [map]
Port Douglas, Australia [map]
Bailay Creek, Australia [map]
Lizard Island, Australia [map]
Cape Flattery, Australia [map]
Stanley, Tasmania [map]
Low Wooded Isle, Australia [map]
Cooktown, Australia [map]
Stony Point, Australia [map]
Cape Sorell, Pilot Bay, Tasmania [map]
Pieman River, Tasmania [map]
Howick Island, Australia [map]
Melbourne, Australia [map]
Port Romilly, Papua New Guinea [map]
Stack Island, Tasmania [map]
Uramu Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Port Phillip Heads, Australia [map]
Kumul Tkr Mrg, Papua New Guinea [map]
Sepik River, Papua New Guinea [map]
Pipon Island, Australia [map]
Geelong, Australia [map]
Kikori, Papua New Guinea [map]
Goaribari Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Flinders Island, Australia [map]
Normanby River, Australia [map]
Grassy, King Island, Tasmania [map]
Creech Reef, Australia [map]
Raine Island, Endeavour Strait [map]
Loutit Bay, Australia [map]
Omati, Papua New Guinea [map]
Surprise Bay, Tasmania [map]
Bramble Cay, Coral Sea [map]
Pelican Island (East Coast), Australia [map]
Umuda Island, Papua New Guinea [map]
Darnley Island, Coral Sea [map]
Fife Island, Australia [map]
Morris Island, Australia [map]
Apollo Bay, Australia [map]
Wewak, Papua New Guinea [map]
Night Island, Australia [map]
Sir Chas Hardy Island, Australia [map]
Restoration Island, Australia [map]
Portland Roads, Australia [map]
Rennel Island, Coral Sea [map]
Cape Grenville, Australia [map]
Piper Island, Australia [map]
Daru, Papua New Guinea [map]
Coconut Island, Torres Strait [map]
Port Campbell, Australia [map]
Dungeness Reef, Coral Sea [map]
Hannibal Island, Australia [map]
Cairncross Island, Australia [map]
Warrnambool, Australia [map]
Kirkcaldie Reef, Torres Strait [map]
Tern Island, Australia [map]
Harrington Reef, Endeavour Strait [map]
Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica [map]
Saibai Island, Torres Strait [map]
Albany Island, Endeavour Strait [map]
Suarji Island, Torres Strait [map]
East Strait Island, Torres Strait [map]
Twin Island, Torres Strait [map]
Possession Island, Endeavour Strait [map]
Red Island, Endeavour Strait [map]
Ince Point, Torres Strait [map]
Tarilag Island, Endeavour Strait [map]
Turtle Head, Torres Strait [map]
Thursday Island, Torres Strait [map]
Moa Island, Torres Strait [map]
Round Island, Torres Strait [map]
Goods Island, Torres Strait [map]
Herald Camp, Endeavour Strait [map]
Hawkesbury Island, Torres Strait [map]
Crab Island, Endeavour Strait [map]
Bampfield Head, Endeavour Strait [map]
Booby Island, Torres Strait [map]
Weipa, Australia [map]
Pennefather River, Australia [map]
Archer River, Australia [map]
Portland, Australia [map]
Proudfoot Shoal, Torres Strait [map]
Port Martin, Antarctica [map]
Vanimo, Papua New Guinea [map]
Karumba, Australia [map]
Port Macdonnell, Australia [map]
Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesia [map]
Beachport, Australia [map]
Kingston, Australia [map]
Sweers Island, Australia [map]
Robe (offshore), Australia [map]
Bayley Island, Australia [map]
Victor Harbor, Australia [map]
Brighton, Australia [map]
Port Noarlunga, Australia [map]
Adelaide Inner Harbour, Australia [map]
Adelaide Outer Harbour, Australia [map]
Second Valley, Australia [map]
Cape Jervis, Australia [map]
Port Pirie, Australia [map]
Hog Bay, Australia [map]
Port Broughton, Australia [map]
Ardrossan, Australia [map]
Port Vincent, Australia [map]
Redcliff, Australia [map]
Port Augusta, Australia [map]
American River, Australia [map]
Wool Bay, Australia [map]
Edithburgh, Australia [map]
Kingscote, Australia [map]
Wallaroo, Australia [map]
Whyalla, Australia [map]
Emu Bay, Australia [map]
Port Victoria, Australia [map]
Port Turton, Australia [map]
Cape Elizabeth, Australia [map]
Vivonne Bay, Australia [map]
Turtle Islet, Australia [map]
Stenhouse Bay, Australia [map]
Port Langdon, Australia [map]
Centre Island, Australia [map]
Pondalowie Bay, Australia [map]
Jensen Bay, Australia [map]
Gove Harbour, Australia [map]
Cape Grey, Australia [map]
Arno Bay, Australia [map]
Wedge Island, Australia [map]
Milner Bay, Australia [map]
Hopeful Bay, Australia [map]
Guluwuru Island, Australia [map]
Port Neill, Australia [map]
Thistle Island, Australia [map]
Mallison Island, Australia [map]
Taylors Landing, Australia [map]
Port Lincoln, Australia [map]
Rose River, Australia [map]
Nw Crocodile Island, Australia [map]
Yabooma Island, Australia [map]
Elliston, Australia [map]
Greenly Island, Australia [map]
Pearson Island, Australia [map]
Entrance Island, Australia [map]
Blanche Port, Australia [map]
Thevenard, Australia [map]
North Goulburn Island, Australia [map]
St. Francis Island, Australia [map]
Cape Croker, Australia [map]
Port Eyre, Australia [map]
Two Hills Bay, Australia [map]
Cape Don, Australia [map]
Camp Point, Australia [map]
Cape Hotham, Australia [map]
Darwin, Australia [map]
Night Cliff, Australia [map]
Snake Bay, Australia [map]
Tapa Bay, Australia [map]
Burge Point, Australia [map]
St. Asaph Bay, Australia [map]
Daly River, Australia [map]
Port Keats, Australia [map]
Pearce Point, Australia [map]
Turtle Point, Australia [map]
Newby Shoal, Australia [map]
Eucla, Australia [map]
Pelican Island (North Coast), Australia [map]
Cape Domett, Australia [map]
Lacrosse Island, Australia [map]
Adolphus Island, Australia [map]
Wyndham, Australia [map]
Pender Point, Australia [map]
Reveley Island, Australia [map]
Cape Whiskey, Australia [map]
Lesueur Island, Australia [map]
Echo Shoal, Australia [map]
Napier Broome Bay, Australia [map]
Geranium Harbour, Australia [map]
Jar Island, Australia [map]
Troughton Island, Australia [map]
Port Warrender, Australia [map]
Cassini Island, Australia [map]
Cape Voltaire, Australia [map]
Baudin Island, Australia [map]
Jabiru, Australia [map]
Pee Shoal, Australia [map]
White Island, Australia [map]
Hall Point, Australia [map]
Shale Island, Australia [map]
Degerando Island, Australia [map]
Heywood Shoal, Australia [map]
Macleay Island, Australia [map]
Derby, Australia [map]
Yampi Sound, Australia [map]
Browse Island, Australia [map]
Bedford Island, Australia [map]
Goose Island, Australia [map]
Sunday Island, Australia [map]
Adele Island, Australia [map]
Karrakatta Bay, Australia [map]
Ashmore Reef, Australia [map]
Red Bluff, Australia [map]
Broome, Australia [map]
Lynher Bank, Australia [map]
Esperance, Australia [map]
Scott Reef, Australia [map]
Lagrange Bay, Australia [map]
Mary Ann Haven, Australia [map]
Bedout Islet, Australia [map]
North Turtle Islet, Australia [map]
Port Hedland, Australia [map]
Albany, Australia [map]
Depuch Island, Australia [map]
Port Walcott, Australia [map]
Hauy Islet, Australia [map]
Cape Legendre, Australia [map]
Dampier, Australia [map]
Fortescue Road, Australia [map]
Steamboat Island, Australia [map]
Windy Harbour, Australia [map]
Fremantle, Australia [map]
Warnbro Sound, Australia [map]
Bunbury, Australia [map]
Two Rocks Marina, Australia [map]
Trimouille Island, Australia [map]
Rottnest Island, Australia [map]
Barrow Island - Tkr Mrg, Australia [map]
North West Island, Australia [map]
Large Islet, Australia [map]
Barrow Island, Australia [map]
Busselton, Australia [map]
Lancelin, Australia [map]
Flinders Bay, Australia [map]
Onslow, Australia [map]
Cervantes, Australia [map]
Jurien Bay, Australia [map]
Hamelin Bay, Australia [map]
Cowaramup, Australia [map]
Serrurier Island, Australia [map]
Geraldton, Australia [map]
Port Gregory, Australia [map]
Point Murat, Australia [map]
Hamelin Pool, Australia [map]
Kalbarri, Australia [map]
Exmouth, Australia [map]
Learmonth, Australia [map]
Tantabiddi, Australia [map]
Easter Group, Australia [map]
Point Maud, Australia [map]
Monkey Mia, Australia [map]
Norwegian Bay, Australia [map]
Carnarvon, Australia [map]
North Island, Australia [map]
Denham, Australia [map]
Useless Loop, Australia [map]
Withnell Point, Australia [map]
Casey, Antarctica [map]
Christmas Island [map]
Port Refuge, Cocos Islands [map]
Davis, Antarctica [map]
Heard Island, Antarctica [map]
Mawson, Antarctica [map]
Durban, South Africa [map]
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil [map]
Rocas, Atol das, Brazil [map]
Tambau, Brazil [map]
Cabedelo, Brazil [map]
Recife, Brazil [map]
Natal, Brazil [map]
Maceió, Brazil [map]
Royal Bay (Moltke Harbor), South Georgia [map]
Rio São Francisco (bar), Brazil [map]
Macau, Rio Acu, Brazil [map]
Leith Harbor, South Georgia [map]
Aracaju, Brazil [map]
Fortaleza, Brazil [map]
Aratu, Brazil [map]
Salvador, Brazil [map]
Rio Ceara (bar), Brazil [map]
Abrolhos Anchorage, Brazil [map]
Morro de São Paulo, Brazil [map]
Canavieiras, Brazil [map]
Camamu, Brazil [map]
Santa Cruz Cabrália, Brazil [map]
Ilhéus, Brazil [map]
Caravelas, Brazil [map]
Cumuruxatiba, Brazil [map]
Vitória, Brazil [map]
Guarapari, Brazil [map]
Camocim, Brazil [map]
São João da Barra, Brazil [map]
Luis Correia, Brazil [map]
Macaé (Imbitiba Bay), Brazil [map]
Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil [map]
Cabo Frio, Brazil [map]
Tutóia, Baia da, Brazil [map]
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [map]
Santana, Recifes de, Brazil [map]
Itacurussa, Brazil [map]
São Luís, Brazil [map]
Angra dos Reis, Brazil [map]
Scotia Bay, Laurie Island, South Orkneys [map]
Parati, Brazil [map]
Ilhas de São João, Brazil [map]
São Sebastião, Brazil [map]
Santos, Brazil [map]
Salinópolis, Brazil [map]
Canal de Braganca, Rio Pará entrance, Brazil [map]
Cananéia, Brazil [map]
Paranaguá, Brazil [map]
Belém, Pará, Brazil [map]
Pôrto Belo, Brazil [map]
Florianópolis, Brazil [map]
Itajaí, Brazil [map]
Imbituba, Brazil [map]
Laguna, Brazil [map]
Ilha do Brigue, Amazon River, Brazil [map]
Ilha de Maraca anchorage, Brazil [map]
Ponta Pedreira, Amazon River, Brazil [map]
Macapá, Amazon River, Brazil [map]
Stanley Harbor, Falkland Islands [map]
Port Louis (Berkeley Sound), Falkland Islands [map]
Admiralty Bay, South Shetlands [map]
Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetlands [map]
Hanga Piko, Easter Island [map]
Mataiva, Tahiti [map]
Fare Ute Point, Papeete Harbor, Tahiti [map]
Pago Pago, American Samoa [map]
Pago Pago, American Samoa (2) [map]
Canton Island, Phoenix Islands [map]
Apia, Samoa Islands [map]
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