Ahoy, all you surfers of cyberspace: If you want to experience more than virtual reality, you might like to try flying across the water on hydrofoils using windpower.

In memory of Dave Keiper

HYDROFOIL VOYAGER A new book by David Keiper. The many-faceted personal story of hydrofoil developments. We also offer a companion video tape showing the 31-foot hydrofoil sailing yacht Williwaw in action.
NEW DESIGNS DAK Hydrofoils is bringing out hydrofoil kits and plans for yachts weighing from one to several tons. By building yourself, you can beat the high cost of production boats. Can you imagine you and your friends flying smoothly across the seas at speeds of 20 to 30 knots or more, in a moderate tradewind or afternoon onshore breeze?
Williwaw in action! - Color photo of the 31-foot hydrofoil trimaran sailing! Also take a look if you might want a piece of the action in offshore hydrofoil sailing, and have talents (business, technical, modern boatbuilding skills) and/or capital to invest.
BEACH-CAT HYDROFOIL KITS - Attention, beach-cat owners: you can SUPERCHARGE your boat with hydrofoils at modest cost. How would you like 50% more speed? And far greater stability? And easy handling at those greater speeds? Get above the chop, flying both hulls.
Stormy Petrel The 14-foot hydrofoil Stormy Petrel happens to be for sale. It can be trailered or cartopped, and easily set up on the beach. The boat was tested thoroughly for two seasons in the rough conditions of the Golden Gate region of San Francisco Bay, and made some awe-inspiring speed runs. Here's how you can get flying on hydrofoils right away!

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VIDEO: Hydrofoil Voyager - David Allen Keiper (15 minutes, narrated in German)