History of West to East Transatlantic sailing record

Yacht Name Year Skipper Type Length Time Average speed
Atlantic 1905 Charlie Barr Mono 185 feet 12d 4h 1m 9s 10.02
Paul Ricard 1980 Eric Tabarly Foiler Tri 16.45m 10d 5h 14m 20s 11.94
Elf Acquitane l 1981 Marc Pajot Cat 19.2m 9d 10h 6m 34s 12.94
Jet Services ll 1984 Patrick Morvan Cat 18m 8d 16h 36m 14.00
Royale ll 1986 Loic Caradec Cat 25m 7d 21h 5m 42s 15.39
Fleury Michon Vll 1987 Phillippe Poupon Tri 22m 7d 12h 49m 34s 16.16
Jet Services V 1988 Serge Madec Cat 22m 7d 6h 30m 16.71
Jet Services V 1990 Serge Madec Cat 22m 6d 13h 3m 32s 18.63
PlayStation 2001 Steve Fossett Cat 38m 4d 17h 28m 6s 25.78
Source of table: PlayStation Vindicated by crewman Peter Hogg

Other sources:

  • The TransAtlantic Record: A Brief History - Steve Fossett web site
  • Plenty of guts for the glory - Bernard Stamm and his Open 60 smash the New York to Lizard [monohull] record thanks to a brutal string of low pressure cells, February 8, 2001
  • History's Atlantic Challenge From 1905 to Nowadays
  • The thoroughbreds of the Atlantic - Transat Jacques Vabre

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  • A production catamaran on the mythical route of the Northern Atlantic Record - Using a CATANA 582 (&... &...) to "try and approach or even beat the reference time established more than 20 years ago by Eric Tabarly, on his 16,45 m foiler trimaran Paul Ricard" [1980], at an average speed of 11,92 knots. Tabarly was the first man to beat Charlie Barr’s 56 m schooner Atlantic [1905].

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