Double Bullet II
76' Racing Catamaran

Delivery trip after 1995 TransPac Race
Kauai, HI to Marina Del Rey, CA, five men, 12.5 days!
(via Lat. 39º)
Designed, built and raced by Bob Hanel; max. speed noted on this trip: 27 knots(!!) crossing the Kauai Channel - Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Oahu, to Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai, in 5 hours!!
Photos and text by Joseph Oster
click images for larger view!

Forward beam, seagull striker, headstay on traveler track, starboard hull bow.

Main crossbeam, port hull, 101' wing mast in center of boat surrounded by winches, aft crossbeam main traveler, daggerboard and hatches in port hull.

Starboard hull bow, forward beam, anchor and sails in net, hatch to forward cabin, main crossbeam in foreground.

Steering stations, two wheels on main beam near base of mast, ice chests for seats, fuel containers on "seating platform", main boom, fore and aft carbon girders holding nets and jib leads, barber hauler.

My Cabin, starboard hull under main crossbeam, escape hatch visible on the right, galley immediately aft, deck hatch above foul weather gear, two berths further aft. On port side, this is the owner's cabin with nav station in place of galley.

Two berths aft of hatch to "main cabin(s)" (both hulls), room for two and their gear, end-to-end.

Below nets (composite photo), view from escape hatch in starboard hull (see "My Cabin" above), bow to right (red stripes), stern and aft crossbeam to left, main crossbeam overhead, 45 H.P. Honda engine retracted, steering cables visible, escape hatch in opposite hull.

Double Bullet II Capsizes, Crew Rescued - Transpac, July 7, 1999 (four years later, not us!)
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