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of work done, August .. November 2005
for - DHTML / AJAX / JavaScript / CSS / PHP (contract)

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About this project...

IMVU offers a 3D chat client using animated characters called avatars. A developer community of members creates and sells enhancements that allow avatars to be highly personalized.

Each registered avatar at IMVU has a public "avatar homepage" - my job here was to enhance and extend editing features on this page, using DHTML and AJAX, so that each User can personalize their page: editing custom HTML / CSS content in each panel, re-arranging panels within and between columns on the page using drag & drop, dragable widgets for setting text colors and background colors and images separately for each panel header, panel body and the page itself, setting panel borders, applying dragable graphic "stickers" (with paginated "find lost stickers"), importing from '', "safe mode" to disable custom content for debugging, inline help and gallery upload features.

Described in some detail on IMVU's Homepage help.

Hand coded HTML, CSS, JavaScript 'prototype' classes for a variety of "widgets" (including drop down menus for each panel), PHP integration to personalize each page using IMVU's SQL API (MySQL database), implemented a page using AJAX to edit the contents of a 'My music' panel using search results from and enhanced a Google map showing the location of avatars currently online at IMVU.

Commonly used tools: HomeSite editor, CVS source control, Reactor Server, phpMyAdmin Web Site Design
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editing custom HTML / CSS re-arranging panels
text colors background colors and images
borders find lost stickers
importing from '' safe mode
inline help gallery upload
edit music panel google map