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San Diego to Cabo San Lucas
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Latitude 38's First Timer's Guide To Mexico

Latitude 38's Baja Ha-Ha Wrapup

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Oct 25th (Sunday) 11:00am Final deadline for all Skipper and Crew Release & Waiver forms to be turned in at the Ha-Ha Rally Center at Cabrillo Isle Marina in San Diego. If all the Release & Waiver forms aren't in, you can apply for reinstatement at Turtle Bay.
1:00pm Skippers Meeting at Cabrillo Isle Marina, during which time final rally instructions will be handed out and questions answered. Skipper's only, please.
3:00pm The Fifth Annual Ha-Ha Halloween Costume Party and BBQ at San Diego's Cabrillo Isle Marina parking lot, hosted by West Marine.  Come in costume! Skipper and First Mate get T-shirts, hats, tote bags and other souvenirs, as well as a free Mexican 'tune-up' dinner. Dinner and beverages for additional crew is $8. T-shirts and other souvenirs will also be for sale.

Oct 26th (Monday) 'Lay day'. Last chance to get your act together before heading off into the great unknown.

Oct 27th (Tuesday) Start of Leg One, 11:00am at Coronado Roads - about 90 minutes from Cabrillo Isle Marina.  (NOTE: 11:00 start, not 10:00am!)

Oct 27th (Wednesday) Alternative Late Start for fast ralliers only (i.e. with under 30 PHRF), 10:00 a.m.

Oct 30th (Friday) No host 'early arrivers' party at Vera Cruz Restaurant in fabulous downtown Turtle Bay.

Oct 31st (Saturday) Famous Turtle Bay Beach Potluck Party from 11 to 4. Don't get killed landing your dinghy.
Halloween Night. Enjoy it in Turtle Bay - if you dare!

Nov 1st (Sunday) Start of Leg Two to Bahia Santa Maria

Nov 3rd (Tuesday) Hiking, beach walking, adventuring, and beach party - if surf permits - at Bahia Santa Maria.

Nov 4th (Wednesday) Start of Leg Three to Cabo San Lucas

Nov 5th (Thursday) 'Can't Believe We Cheated Death Again' dance and party madness for the young at heart at Squid Roe until the last body falls.

Nov 6th (Friday) Cabo Beach Party hosted by ??? The default is a spontaneous cruiser party on the beach at Cabo in front of a resort or restaurant.  Hopefully there'll be cheap beers again this year, but you never can tell.  No food. Either way, no problema for a fleet that knows how to have fun.

Nov 7th (Saturday) Awards presentations and party hosted by the Cabo Isle Marina and Corona Beer at the fabulous launch ramp in Cabo. Maybe there will be a couple of rounds of free beer again this year - but you never know.

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Latitude 38's First Timer's Guide To Mexico

Latitude 38's Baja Ha-Ha Wrapup

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